Metacosm for School Administrators

It's hard to keep up with scheduling, managing student information and parent interactions. Metacosm simplifies it all through one intuitive and powerful app while also keeping you in touch with what matters most: your students' success and positive relationships between parents & teachers.

  • Create an enriching educational environment

    It’s not easy running an educational institution. But Metacosm aims to take the pressure off your shoulders. Whether you need to record every detail of a school board meeting, or build better relationships with students, parents and faculty... all while keeping track of their varied perspectives so that you can continuously improve the process from one day to the next.

    Metacosm ensures that in addition to making informed decisions on a daily basis, you're able keep up with what's happening at each student level: Who are they? What do they like? What needs changing about them over time as we continue our work together for optimal success!

  • Be mindful and attentive during faculty and parent interactions

    Build a better rapport and stay attentive during every interaction with faculty and parents by using Metacosm. With this app, you can organize important conversations, contacts, tasks and reminders by people or groups to make following up on concerns easier than ever before.

  • Track student success and engagement strategies

    Different children learn differently and in different ways, but they also have the same needs when it comes to interacting with their teachers. With Metacosm as your personal assistant, you never need to worry about forgetting anything because you can dynamically adjust your communication style for each student’s success.

Boost your school’s progress with a dedicated personal CRM

Ready to strengthen your educational institution’s processes? Manage tasks, interactions and relationships seamlessly through Metacosm’s intelligent platform and easy to use tools. 

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