Metacosm for Leaders and Managers

Metacosm provides the a simple but powerful business relationship management tool to help you build a strong team and boost productivity. 

With Metacosm, you're in a better position to support your employees personal growth initiatives while helping them fulfil their responsibilities at work.

  • Stay connected with every team member

    Metacosm is the most flexible rolodex you’ve ever seen, with enough capacity to unify all your contact lists and organize daily business communication for any team. 

    With Metacosm, you can log every important conversation or task that needs handling - whether it's just one person in need of help or an entire project at stake. Organize by people, groups or projects to add efficiency when things get busy!

  • Keep track of important business developments

    With intuitive reminders and tools, Metacosm ensures that you never miss out on even a single update from your team about ongoing or upcoming projects, meetings, tasks and more.

  • Proactively identify and manage conflicts

    Metacosm's AI-powered insights (upcoming) have the potential to help you connect past and present conversations so that you can see how one conversation may lead into another. This will allow for proactive measures in addressing any conflicts or employee concerns before they arise, bringing a more clear picture of your company dynamics as well as insight on what is most important to address and act upon from day to day.

Unlock the full potential of your team

There's a new way to get more done in less time with Metacosm. It allows you to record, organize and analyze all of your interactions so that you can build stronger business relationships for the betterment of your team--and it only takes minutes!

Try Metacosm for Managers

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