Metacosm for Attorneys

Collect case-related insights, build stronger client relationships and organize important details pertaining to cases, witnesses and professional interactions with ease.   

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  • The easy way to track client and case details

    Building a strong attorney-client relationship has never been more effortless. With Metacosm, never lose track of a single detail, even while handling multiple clients and cases at the same time.  

  • Keep track of clients and conversations

    As an attorney, details mean the difference between winning and losing a case. Metacosm will ensure that you never lose track of the smallest details, be it from past or present conversations, by making smart connections between past notes for data-driven insights.   

  • Manage large groups of witnesses

    With Metacosm, you can set smart reminders for important trial-related communication with witnesses. Our platform stores all case related information, notes and other details in a single place, ensuring that you’re always prepared before
    meetings and conversations.

Enrich your legal practice with a personal CRM partner

Discover the difference Metacosm can make to your client-attorney relationships and case-related workflows  

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