Metacosm for Journalists

Manage your sources, plan out groundbreaking stories and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly with Metacosm’s intuitive task and relationship management tools. 

  • Helping you publish impactful stories with data-driven insights

    Keeping up with publishing deadlines and sourcing compelling stories has never been easier, with Metacosm as your all-in-one rolodex and task manager. Metacosm has the right tools to help journalists connect the dots and manage their sources efficiently, from a single workspace. 

  • Organize and manage sources

    Metacosm provides an easy-to-use interface to store, manage and organize interactions, as well as communicate with sources efficiently.

  • Plan out stories and form smart connections

    Metacosm helps you connect the dots! Get data-driven insights and track developments in a story by comparing all past and present information from your sources. 

  • Collaborate with editors and colleagues

    With Metacosm’s integrated tools for collaboration and sharing feedback, working together on a story is easier and more seamless than ever. 

The all-in-one personal CRM for journalists

Discover how we can help you manage your deadlines and streamline your writing process by ensuring that you never lose track of any new leads.

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