Metacosm for HR Managers

From managing employee concerns, to team-building and performance reviews, enhance every aspect of your HR workflows with Metacosm. 


Strong Base for Sustainable Growth

  • Support your team effectively

    Whether you need to foster better professional relationships and inclusiveness in the workplace, or keep track of individual employee concerns and interactions, Metacosm has you covered.  

    We have the right tools and strategic insights to help HR teams stay on top of their workflows and projects.   

  • Keep track of every interaction

    Measure every team member’s performance and never lose sight of important details with our easy audio note taking systems.

  • Share feedback with ease

    Metacosm helps to improve performance by allowing you to easily share feedback with team
    leaders, consolidating all interactions by person, group or project.   

  • Make intelligent connections

    Proactively detect employee issues and prevent turnovers with our upcoming smart AI feature
    that will provide strategic insights through data analysis of your daily notes.

  • Enhance your company culture and teamwork with Metacosm

    The most powerful relationship management tool for HR managers.   

Drive productive and collaborative work environments

Discover how Metacosm can power transformations in HR workflows for prominent organizations  

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