Multiple streams of work derailing your relationship-building efforts?

Hit your KPIs and Grow Your Social Capital with this PRM

Untangle and put structure to your daily interactions whilst keeping yourself objective through deeper collaboration with your personal board of advisors. Turn your observations and notes into insights and 10x your focus and productivity.

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  • Personal relationship management

    Enrich your daily engagements with data-driven insights. Bring about positive change through shared knowledge and experience socially and collectively.

  • Create open communication loops

    Wondering where you left off in conversations? Open communication loops so you can easily return to key matters when it's time.

  • Be prepared before conversations

    Reflect and easily review all past conversations to build effective communication strategies before important meetings or calls.

For people looking to thrive together

Metacosm is more than just an app. It is your smart task and relationship manager that actively grows with you to help you build successful relationships. 

No more rustling through pieces of paper or combing through excel sheets and Trello boards to figure the status quo!

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What’s coming soon:

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Keyword-based note correlation

Get intelligent AI insights

Improve your engagements with thoughtful connections, powered by Metacosm’s intuitive system. Our ultra-smart AI will be rolled out soon and will seamlessly analyze and groups note into different themes based on common keywords and topics, allowing you to connect past and present interactions with ease.   

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Building stronger relationships is hard. Metacosm makes it easier.   

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The Metacosm Beta app provides a full suite of intuitive relationship management and organizational tools to help you manage daily engagements- with more exciting features on the way soon!
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